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Its secular 57 ares park inspires walks among ancient rhododendrons more than 9 ft high in spring or picking chestnuts in the fall. Many different species surprise with their presence in the park such as plane trees, redwoods, Lebanese cedar lost among the oaks and firs common in the region.

You will see the deer frolicking and playing early in the morning sometimes with their fawn, or the wild boars passing by at the end of the day. Lately we have had a regular visit from a young fox who comes to the terrace after dark. We observe each other regularly… where are his parents? Not to mention the snoring of the barn owls in the attics or in the hollow trees which is impressive. As for the herons, they love to hunt in the pond full of catfish.

The park is beautiful in all seasons. Offering magnificent colors or blooms in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.


There were three different castles on the same property:

The first in the 9th century on a hill overlooking the valley, thus allowing enemies to be seen arriving.

The second, a mound, near the river, then navigable where spices and fabrics were transported.

The third, the current castle which initially had only two buildings with tiled roofs.

This castle was built in the 17th century to bring together the two buildings on each side from the 16th century, whose roofs are made of tiles.

Originally this castle did not have a first floor. This was added during the acquisition of the castle by Chancellor Seguier, then Minister of Finance for Louis XVIII then Louis XIV.

In fact, the Chancellor needed more space when he went to Brinon for his hunting trips, in order to accommodate servants and guests. The property then had 2,470 acres.

Today the property has 57 acres.

Napoleon III came there while he was cleaning up the region by creating navigable canals, in order to cleanse diseases certainly through stagnant water.

For sports enthusiasts:
• We are surrounded by famous or superb golf courses about 1/2 hour away.
• Many cycle paths surround us and take you to the banks of the Loire or into the forest.
• For horse riding enthusiasts, we have a club just outside the village or international competitions 19 km away.

For culture lovers:
Most of the royal castles to visit are around 40 minutes away. There are other magnificent non-royal castles 15-20 mins from us also open to the public.
Not counting the Clos Luce in Amboise where Leonardo spent the last 3 years of his life invited by François 1er.

For lovers of good wine:
Sancerre, which resembles Mont-Saint-Michel in the middle of the vineyards, is known all over the world.
You will taste different grape varieties there. Ménétou-salon hillside not far from Sancerre also offers good wines as well as Reuilly or Quincy. A little further on the road to Blois you will taste the wines in the troglodyte cellars before arriving in Touraine where other wines await you.

Finally, our beautiful region of Sologne, center, Loire Valley is 2 hours from Paris. 40 km from Orléans and 19 km from the birthplace of the Tatin sisters famous for their inverted tart.